How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Job Search & Career Advancement

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Use Twitter Hashtags for your Job Search If plan to use twitter for job search or career advancement, you should know about twitter hashtags.  Because the # symbol denotes a keyword, using hashtags helps you to use twitter more effectively.  However it can be confusing in the beginning. Check out this issue for tips on how to select and apply twitter hashtags in your personal job search.  If you already have a twitter account, or decide to set one up, you’ll find me  @jenniferbradle.


What is a Hashtag?

The use of the symbol #, the hash (or pound) sign, is a commonly used way of denoting keywords and thus facilitating searches within twitter.  Any twitter user can create their own hashtag.  This can be useful, but look first for hashtags that are already in use and therefore will be more widely recognized. See below for some specific examples that you can adapt to you own search.

When are Hashtags Useful for Job Seekers?

As always, it helps to begin your search with a specific objective. If you can be more focused you will get better results in less time.  If you are in the early stages you may need to spend some time exploring before narrowing your search.  For example, if you are considering a change in direction, you can use twitter hashtags  to learn about current trends and changes in your industry. New developments can inform your search.

Which Hashtags Should I Use?

Because hashtags are created by individuals they are not standardized.  It is common to find different versions of the same search term.

For example, a search for postings for  project manager positions may include the following:

#project #manager
#project #managers

(and more …. )

In the beginning, this can be frustrating. But you will soon find  the most common versions for your industry.  Create a customized list by  saving hashtags for your own specific search.

A Specific Example: 

Download this example of different ways to use twitter hashtags. First review the specific example of a project manager.  Then  use the worksheet on page 2 to create a strategy that is relevant to you.    Do any of the objectives listed here fit with your current priorities?   Adapt it to your own situation by selecting the most relevant objectives. Substitute parallel hashtags for your industry. Try out different variations of the same search terms.

 Remember twitter is a dynamic platform. The information changes rapidly.

Combine Resources for Better Results  

I hope that this will help you get started with hashtags if you want to use twitter to help you with you career. The best approach will depend on  your goal.  No matter what tool you are using, you will get better information if you combine resources.  Each tool has different strengths and weaknesses.  One of the strengths of twitter is the openness of the platform.

If you missed the last issue, you can read it here. Check out the simple planning worksheet.   A few minutes thinking about your priorities may save you hours of time.

 Questions & Comments?

Let me know if you  use these tools.  Use the box below to post questions or comments.

You can contact me directly here or on twitter: @jenniferbradle


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